About Nyree Manuel (Nyree)

Ngairei Manuel (Nyree) brings over 20 years of experience as an international hospitality professional to the Real Estate industry.

"..I've built a strong understanding of assisting clients and employees to accomplish their vision, from World Stage Events Management and Staff Development to Accredited Business Management and practical workplace training. Now as a Real Estate Administrator for RealWay Edge, I take pride in assisting each transaction and staff member to get the best results and resources for our clients. It is refreshing to know that our entire company believes that it is important for each client to picture themselves living in the property before they purchase it, rent it or invest in it. And if it's an investment property - it simply must work! For every sale, the drive towards that next step must fit the purpose. Thus is an exciting part of life therefore should be an enjoyable experience. Personally, this is priority for me, I am sure it is priority for others.."

Under the guidance of Amar Billabati and Vani Kumbala, you can trust our team to deliver nothing short of admirable integrity.

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